Is a Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette Worth the Hype and Your Money $$$$??

Trying out the Jeffree Star Cosmetics for the very first time!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics are renowned for their products, especially when it comes to Jeffree's big, bold and innovative concepts. In the video above I break down my thoughts and personal opinions while using  the Blood Lust Palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. This is my very first time trying products from this brand. In the Video I point out some of the pros and cons of the palette - but more so the Pros of this Purple "Royalty" themed palette.

Is The Blood Lust Palette Worth The Hype?? 

This Luxurious concept was designed by none other then Jeffree Star himself. The exterior of the palette is covered with a lush purple velvet fabric that at first glance makes it look like an expensive jewel case. But as soon as you open up the Hexagon Blood Lust Palette there are 18 bold colors of purple Luxury unveiled.

In my review video, I demonstrate how "The Shadows blend out Beautifully. The pigmentation is rich and the Quality is very, very beautiful!". In addition to the palette's beautiful exterior and high quality formula, I also demonstrate how the shadows can be used not only on the Eyes, but in other ways as well.

I wanted to use the eye shadows on my face, and so applied the Shade "Wet Jewel" not only as an eye shadow, but also as a highlighter to extenuate my  cheek bones and nose, and even as a glittery base before applying a clear gloss over top to create a DIY shimmering lip gloss.  This effect added a shimmering glow that complimented the vivid purple look I created on my eyes. The color went on smoothly without looking thick. Loved it!


My Conclusion?

A definite yes! The Jeffree Star Blood Lust Palette is worth the hype - and all of those hard earned dollar Bill$!

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What's Your Opinion?